Virtual Wedding is one of the achievement in year 2020 during the MCO. The future is the era of technology, we are ready to combine traditional undertakings and services together with technology and art.

We wish all the guests to be able to experience different wedding services. There is a thinking of empathy, everyone can certainly create a more different strategic planning concept.

We expand and discover the new norm and reposition the company and create unforgettable on-ground event and also outstanding digital events. To build a platform and gather the potential talent in Malaysia, support local expert.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, most of the customer decided to postpone or cancel the wedding and event and eventually ask for refund.

“Creating Value with Creativity”, we bring innovative products into existence, create new solutions to intractable, recreate the value of the company, study customer experience and Virtual Wedding idea come in and definitely give the Couple a very extraordinary & unique experience.

The process of transforming, keep the tradition, while incorporating innovation & creativity. Merge with the advanced technology available in our 5G Era, what be done online, see what may not be possible to achieve if it were to be done offline.

We successfully developed a Virtual Wedding during MCO due to Covid-19. Hitting by the challenging crisis, we take it as an opportunity. We planned, strategized, and led the team along with various wedding industry players to work together to create this remarkable Virtual Wedding.

The production of this online ceremony was done entirely remotely by the backend support teams in Malaysia while the couple and some of their family & friends were in Singapore.

This Virtual Wedding has received positive feedbacks and the story was featured on China Press, Sin Chew Daily, Oriental Daily, Feminine magazine and others.

This successfully landed LESS-THAN-THREE-WEDDING as First Virtual Wedding Services Provider 2020 record holder from Malaysia Book of Records. It’s not only a historical moment, but we hope to inspire and motivate the other industry never give-up and be creative, ready for change and positive.